Our #1 goal at Guru Capital was to develop a capital funding product beneficial to the client.

A product that no one could match. We developed a product that allowed every individual to be able to apply for funding without the proof of any income documentation. We do not ask for tax returns, W2’s, or paycheck stubs. Our capital funding is solely based off credit. Our aspiration is to assist individuals with a source of income that could always be available to them without hassle.

Capital Funding

Military Funding

Business Funding

Funds approved in as little as 10 days!

We set ourselves apart by being able to offer about $20,000 to $250,000 in credit lines and personal loans that are secure by personal credit.

  • NO income documentation is required 
  • Lines are completely unsecured 
  • NO term or payoff due date 
  • Low monthly payments 
  • NO Application Fee 
  • One Time Success Fee 
  • Payments can be as low as 2% of the total balance 
  • Most of our banking partners are from zero percent APR for 12 to 18 months 

When most individuals go and try to get funding four things happen...

  • Small Funding Amounts
  • Little to NO Approval
  • Inquiry after Inquiry running their credit score to the ground
  • Lines of credit and loans getting shut down

Most people feel like because they have 800 credit score, they are automatically approved. UNTRUE! You can be declined with 800 credit score depending on Y0UR credit profile. Each client is different.

Why Choose Us?

Your question may be what makes us different in the competition? What makes us different than any other bank? Here is your answer! Knowledge and relationships make product and service not only possible but a proven success.

Once we evaluate your credit application without pulling your credit for inquiries, we know exactly what lines of credit and loans to apply for. 

Scavenging for lenders is NOT what we do here.

What we know

The #1 factor is which banks match your credit profile to see what banks will allow certain revolving accounts, required balances, ratios, delinquencies and much more.
We know which banks servicing companies and how their exact guidelines instructions are that the public has no view or knowledge of.
We have backend information of credit requirements that is usually not given to the public. 
We know the proper guidelines to cities and states for each financial institution that will lend to in your area 
We know which institutions will allow a specific number of inquiries or old credit lines and the sensitivity of inquiries allow us to know which apps need to be submitted first 
We know which banks do the soft, hard, or NO credit pulls at all, so in some cases your credit is not affected.

How do I qualify?

Everybody qualifies by three different methods 
      • A 600-credit score with all 3 credit bureaus or better with military affiliation.
      • A 650 or better with all three credit bureaus. No military affiliation needed 
      • No bankruptcy within the last five years 

How do I get started?

      • Complete the Free Pre-Qualification Application
      • You will receive an email or phone call in 24 to 72 hours on the evaluation of your credit and your approval with range of funding or denial.
      • Begin the Process

Funding Options

Apply for Funding


    Please fill this form out in its entirety. All sections need to be completed in order to process your funding application.


    Military Affiliation (required)

    You must check your credit now through CREDITCHECKTOTAL.COM and create an account. Your CREDITCHECKTOTAL.COM account has to remain open until the funding process is complete. Please Note: You cannot apply for any loans, credit cards, or do anything that requires your credit to be inquired or checked. You will terminate the process of the program if this happens.


    Please provide your CREDITCHECKTOTAL.COM login information below.

    The following field is case sensitive, please make sure you enter your name below the exact way you entered it when you completed your profile on CreditCheckTotal. You will receive a seven (7) day trail for $1. Thereafter, you will incur a $29.95 monthly charge. If you receive a turn-down, cancel this immediately. If you receive an approval, your representative will inform you when to cancel before the 7 day trial period.