In life’s unexpected uncertainties we can provide assurance of protection to individuals, families, and businesses.

We will never know in life the time good or bad things will happen to us that will put a burden on our livelihoods and our families, but in life’s unexpected uncertainties we can provide assurance of protection to individuals, families, and businesses. We offer insurance services for Life , Dental/Vision/Hearing, and Property & Casualty.

Life Insurance

In every stage of life There might be someone who depends on you financially and the goal with life insurance is to protect them from any unexpected or expected tragedies that will help reduce the financial burden.

Life insurance can assist you with:

    • Current living expenses and future living expenses
    • Hiring and retaining employees
    • Paying for College
    • Protecting your spouse’s retirement plans if you are no longer here


Living life may be equal to longevity and in preparation your financial future needs that will assist you in longer life expectancy annuities are set in place to meet those financial needs in that time. An annuity is a bonding contract between an individual and their insurance company. It can be used later in life or it can be an immediate solution to your income. Annuity products are designed to provide an income stream you cannot outlive by turning your dollars into an investment for your future that are tax deferred.

Annuities help meet the needs of the non- retired, those in retirement, and those who need extra income.

Life Insurance Products

    • Index Universal Life
    • Universal Life
    • Variable Universal Life
    • Whole Life
    • Term Life

Savings Products

    • Tax Free Retirement
    • Long-Term Care
    • College Savings

Annuity Products

    • Index Annuities
    • Fixed Annuities

Dental/Vision/Hearing Insurance

All businesses and corporations want to offer their employees the best care benefits package they can provide to them. Look no further our team is set up to keep organizations and their loved ones happy by offering single plans or group plans with multiple products including a dental, vision and hearing product nationwide.


We provide indemnity dental products setting up to provide for a wide range of needs specifically designed by the individual of the organization from Dental services, orthodontia, cosmetics, managed care and much more. our plans can be designed for the specific needs of the customer.


Our vision products cover friendly ongoing vision care expenses like routine eye exams, prescription glasses, contact lenses, and more.


Provides for hearing exams, hearing aids and hearing aid maintenance are sound additions to a competitive benefits package.